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Laura dennis

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My work

I studied Art and Design at Leeds University, specialising in oils for my main practise. I particularly love the fluidity and vibrancy of this medium and it remains a firm favourite when producing art.

I prefer to rely on intuition and perception when creating each piece, starting with a blank canvass and applying paint directly to it. Rarely will I carry out preparation sketches or map out images onto the canvass in pencil first. Instead I adopt a more traditional approach in blocking in colours and layering in fine detail. I refine an image from a mass of colour, light and shade and enjoy seeing life being brought to a subject as each tiny detail is meticulously added.

More recently I have I utilised watercolour for much of my work, my most recent series being focused predominantly on British wildlife and botanics.  I paint on traditional watercolour paper as well as Aquabord (a clay panel) which brings a wholly unique quality to the image; it forces technique that would have proximity to traditional fresco paintings.  Colours can be layered on top of one another on the Aquabord bringing a vibrancy and depth of colour that traditional watercolour paper cannot replicate. The light transitions and delicate colours that can be captured this way are incomparable to any other surface I have worked on.


Professional DevelopmenT and Education

2018 Saatchi Art, Get the Look: Bohemian Collection
2018 Laura Lea Designs (London)
2018 All the Kings Artist, Oxfordshire Art Weeks, King Sutton
2018 Ardent Gallery, Selected artist, Brecon
2017 Oxford Art Society Annual Exhibition, Selected artist.
2017 Member of Banbury Artist Cooperative BAC 2017 Church Lane Gallery (Banbury)
2016 Ardent Gallery, Selected artist, Brecon
2015 Printmaking, Swindon College (12 week course)
2012 -2015 BSc Criminology and Sociology, Cardiff University
2012 Life Drawing Tutor Leeds University
2011 President of Leeds University Art Society
2011 BA Art and Design, University of Leeds